Implementation Suggestions

Implementation Suggestions

If you and your team are completely new to on-call, here are some suggestions of tasks to help guide you in the process.

Take Stock of Your Alerts#


Ideally, every alert that comes through to your team should be something they can fix

Prioritize Projects#


When the pager goes off at 3am, it better be worth it.

Leverage Traditional NOCs#

If your organization already relies on a 24x7 NOC for monitoring status and responding to alerts, you might migrate to your team on-call in phases. There are two major methods for doing this:

Over time, your team can then pick up more of the alerts as they get acclimated to being on call.

Be Flexible#

Establish Good Behaviors#

Give your team members just a few guidelines to help them adjust to being on-call. This could include things like: